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eCourse is Jamaica's first and official online social learning platform, created for the use of students all over the country and in other caribbean countries to assist in preparation for external school examinations and also to help them learn what they were unable to learn in a physical classroom.

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What we do?

How we work, what we do

We are a group of web designers, we are developing software to help students and schools in Jamaica. For now we're working on a few small projects so until then we can't say much on this page.

Team Members

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Nickk McKenzie


Co-Founder & CEO

Kevonn Williams

Kevonn Williams

Co-Founder & CFO

Knislia Williams

Knislia Williams

Project Manager

About us

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We are The SchoolScope Project, a small project originating from Jamaica. We're a small software start-up company and hopefully we'll be here to stay. We were made by students, and made for students, we assist schools with their website and also make special software to help students learn.

Our long term goal is to teach high schoolers nationwide to create software, because these things aren't thought in schools and by the time students make it to college they aren't interested. And in this age of technology programmers and engineers are in high demand.

We're working on something great! It's right around the corner. Maybe a few days from now this website will be more populated and rich with information. Just be patient.

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Kingston, Jamaica